With the rapid development of the Turkish economy, the real estate market in particular, and the increasing difficulties facing the client to make the investment process smooth and strong into the process of buying and selling, it was necessary to launch the real estate project specialized and distinctive (Taj Sham), with the experience of real estate and service optimization, It provides its customers with a thorough and thorough knowledge of the Turkish market to provide the best offers in terms of safety, quality and guaranteed profit return, based on an expert team in real estate development and investment projects implementation.


Our Services


– Providing all real estate services, including sales, buying and evaluation of all types of properties (apartments, villas, land, shops, offices), in addition to establishing companies and issuing residence to facilitate the movement of customers as soon as possible in the Turkish state.

– Facilitate all necessary papers and contracts concluded for the client, to ensure the right of the client legally, and access with him until the issuance of ownership of the property.

– Provide real investment opportunities for those wishing to invest in the Turkish market through our cooperation with the best construction and real estate companies and real estate investors in Turkey

– Serving customers at all times, through distinct tourism programs, including reception and hotel reservation and the most appropriate choice for their travels, and to familiarize them with the most important tourist and archaeological landmarks within Turkish territory.

– Provide specialists in the field of service as a guarantee of Turkish products from the source and export them to customers quickly and legally.


Our vision


The company aims to make the Arab and Turkish markets strong and integrated, ensuring that the process of investment and development is legal and rapid, within strong frameworks that attract foreign and Arab investors to achieve profitability and strong confidence in building and achieving the desired goals.


job plan 


The company depends mainly on the distinguished relations with the various economic activities of Turkey, in addition to a marketing plan characterized by professional standards, to reach the largest number of serious and modern customers, in the field of real estate, and deal with them within the framework of professionalism and mutual excellence.

Taj Sham offers an integrated encyclopedia of new and distinctive real estate projects in the Turkish real estate market, which meets the needs of investors wishing to succeed and achieve profitability in Turkey, along the Turkish provinces, with good competitive prices, legal treatment and distinctive tactics in dealing with the success of projects. All investment.


Company Management Structure


General Director .


Managing Director .


Executive manager .


Director of Design and Marketing.


public relations manager .


Sales manager .


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